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Heigh-ho, it's off to work we go

Construction work is to start back in the first phase of the Government’s plan to reopen society on Monday, May 18th. During the lockdown a small number of essential construction projects were allowed to continue, such as healthcare or pharmaceutical infrastructure linked to the State’s coronavirus response.

Practically all construction work that has been paused can begin again from Monday 18th. But industry sources anticipate the sector will be slow to get back into gear due to problems around the wider supply chain and requirements to adhere to social distancing on sites.

The Construction Industry Federation has drawn up guidelines for how sites can ensure workers are safeguarded against the virus. Staff must confirm they have no symptoms and are not awaiting Covid-19 test results three days before returning to work. Workers are advised against sharing vehicles travelling to work, and if that is unavoidable to sit as far apart as possible.

The Health and Safety Authority is responsible for inspecting workplaces as they reopen, to ensure physical distancing measures are in place.

Here at FPC HQ we have been busy updating our procedures, contacting all builders to outline what is expected from them from Monday & doing Covid-19 induction courses. Together we will ensure safe sites for all.

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