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Rural Housing, it doesn't have to end in failure

A comment we get all the time is that it's impossible to get granted permission for a house in the countryside because of the Rural Housing Policy. The good news is, that's not true! It can be difficult but not impossible.

Over the last 20 years we have built a reputation of getting the vast majority of permissions for rural houses applied for. The trick is to know the rules & to make sure you comply with them.

In North County Dublin, Fingal County Council have their own Rural Housing Policy set out in their Development Plan. There are several rural zonings (Rural, Green Belt, High Amenity, Rural Cluster, Rural Village) & each category has several routes to getting a grant of permission.

For example in the Rural zoning (RU) you qualify for a house if you are from a specific area for a minimum of 15 years but under Rural Cluster zoning (RC) you qualify after only 10 years (from any rurally zoned area). There are 34 Rural Clusters within the Fingal area.

We have built up an unrivalled experience in obtaining planning permissions in Rural Clusters (RC) in Fingal, having been granted more RC permissions than any other practice.

To find out more & to see if you qualify please book an online consultation:

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