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A Guide to Attic Conversions....

Do you know that you can convert your attic into a space you can live in?

That's the good news, the bad news is that, most likely, it can't be used as a "habitable room". We estimate that 90%+ of attic conversions don't comply with all Building Regulations but that shouldn't stop you!!

Create a Bedroom*

If you need an extra bedroom in your home, you can convert your attic into a bedroom* that you, your children or guests can use. It is easier, cheaper & faster than building an extension to your house.

(*note, not an official bedroom, most attics won't or can't comply with all Building Regulations)

Create a Home Office

Working from home has become very popular since Covid lockdowns, a home office in the attic can provide the space & privacy required when working from home.

Create a Man Cave

Every man needs a Man Cave! You can put whatever you want into your attic & turn it into your very own Man Cave. For example a pool table, gaming machines, music equipment & a minibar for your beers you can turn your attic into the best room in the house.

Create A Home Cinema

Since your attic doesn’t usually receive natural light during the day or night, it is an ideal place for you to create a home cinema. Nowhere better to watch movies and hang out with your friends & family without interference or distractions. With proper insulation you can turn up the volume.....

Converting your attic into a living space doesn’t just give you extra space, but solves one problem or the other for you. Certain works to attics require planning permission (roof windows to the front, changes to roof profile (to accommodate a stairs) or dormers), so get in touch & we can talk you through the process.

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