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Roof complete & highly efficient Rationel windows installed this week. It was important to hit this milestone prior to the Christmas break, the house is now weatherproof for the winter. Internal works can now commence. Lots to do when we come back in January.

Engineered floor joists provides a practical, cost effective alternative to traditional timber joists and I-joists. We specified engineered floor joists with metal web beams for this project due to their many benefits:

  • Open web design, allowing for easier installation of service pipes e.g. cabling, heating and ventilation, plumbing etc.

  • Precise, made-to-measure joists significantly reduce site wastage by virtually eliminating the need for alterations on-site.

  • Easier handling on site as engineered joists are significantly lighter than solid timber joists.

  • Reduces costly on-site fixing as engineered joists are easy and quick to install.

  • The engineered joists system allows for the installation of a rigid strongback that reduces vibration.

  • A wider fixing point offers a more generous surface for fixing plasterboard, chipboard etc. for floors and ceilings.

  • Reduced moisture loss and shrinkage, compared with solid timber joists, provides a quieter and longer lasting floor system.

Construction up to 1st floor joist level, garage built too. Steel for corner windows installed. Floor joists arriving on site next week.

We were recently appointed Project Supervisors to this new build in North County Dublin. The location is to die for, overlooking a links golf course, the beach, Lambay Island to the North & Howth head to the South.

We are going to do a blog of the progress from start to finish on this house so check it out regularly for updates.

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