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Imagine living in a printed house....

Louth County Council is pioneering a housing project currently under construction in Dundalk, Co Louth, a first for 3D Construction Printed (3DCP) in social housing in Ireland. The Grange Close pilot project involves a unique collaboration between Louth County Council, Louth & Meath Education & Training Board (LMETB), Irish-owned company Harcourt Technologies Ltd. and Roadstone Ltd., using 3DCP technology with the aim of providing a pathway towards an increased output of more sustainable, affordable, and efficient housing. The project aims to utilise 3D construction printing technology to provide three three-bedroom terraced units that will have a floor area of c. 110 m² over two floors at Grange Close, Dundalk.  

3DCP is a method of construction that involves using large-scale 3D printers on-site to create three-dimensional structures layer by layer. In this process, layers of Ready-Mix Concrete are sequentially deposited through a gantry-based 3DCP machine according to a digital model. The result is the creation of the housing superstructure at a rate which is up to three times faster than is possible through traditional methods. This approach significantly streamlines construction processes and holds immense potential to revolutionise the construction industry in Ireland by providing faster, more cost-effective, and sustainable ways to build.

In preparation for the Grange Close scheme Harcourt Technologies Ltd. successfully completed two 2-bedroom units at their R&D facility in Drogheda, Co. Louth, to demonstrate this fully compliant Integrated Modern Method of Construction (MMC) Housing Solution. This accomplishment underscores the project's feasibility and scalability.

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