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New Retrofit grant, what does it mean for you?

Good news this week that grants of more than €25,000 will be offered to householders to help pay for deep retrofits of their homes as part of the biggest home insulation scheme ever offered.

Minister for the Environment Eamon Ryan announced details of the new Home Energy Upgrade Scheme for private homes that will cover up to half the cost of a deep retrofit that would improve a dwelling’s energy efficiency to a B2 rating.

Improving the energy rating of your home will make it warmer, more comfortable & will reduce heating bills.

It is hoped that up to 500,000 homes will be retrofitted to a B2 standard by 2030 and to install 400,000 heat pumps. A fund of €5 billion has been put in place to fund these grants.

The grants are fixed per energy upgrade measure (e.g. heat pump installation or wall insulation etc.)

Individual Upgrades

Although the Government’s main focus is on deep retrofits, there will also grants of up to 80% available to households who opt for more minor work, such as insulating attics or cavity walls, reducing the overall cost of such works to as low as a few hundred euro.

BER Assessments

In order to carry out a deep retrofit a homeowner requires a BER Assessment. Under the Home Energy Upgrade Scheme 2020 there will be grant funding of €350 available for this.

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